About me?

Wouldn’t you prefer to talk about you? Perhaps it is part of the human condition. Something which many of us have to contend with.

I am a 73 model. It was a good year as far as I am concerned. Australian born as you may sense in the dry, brash, and sometimes caustic perhaps sardonic style of  my writing.

In my years on and nearby this planet I have seen some very amazing things.
Many of these experiences helped form me into this candid yet driven individual.

Third person trumpet blowing about your self is much easier… let’s start again.
Cainan was born. The world was never the same. To know more than that you simply must meet him to truly find out the depth and breadth of his humo(u)r, intellect and humanity.

No need to mention the divine bits here…
Yadda yadda, on so on so…

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