I love Memes

I simply love memes. Perhaps it is because I am so far removed from my original culture. Bali is not a long wa from Sydney. But in terms of culture, its a completely different world. Australia has approximately thirty million people. The whole country…. Indonesia’s capital city Jakarta has more than 30 million people. That is just one city. Although it should be mentioned that the 30 million only applies during the day. At night a significant portion of them go home.

Ok so Bali is not Jakrta, its about the size of anant fart compared to Jakarta. Indonesia is still Indonesia and being the fourth most populous country on earth there is a lot of people available to create, spread and prolong memetic behavior.

This place (once you understand the language) is a memticists paradise. During the last 23 years or so, I have seen, experienced and even participated in the cultural memes of Indonesia.

Some people start memes, some people validate them, other people prolong them.

Is it some grandoise desire to influence the masses or the inner scientist obsessed with the workings of this social universe… Probably a combination of both.

In this blog I will focus and document my memetic findings, if there is such a thing…


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