Bill Gate loves vaccines… I mean “Eugenics”… wasn’t that a Pink Floyd Lyric?

Eugenics is a a touchy subject to say the least. The idea of selecting a portion of a population to survive and then another portion to croak should be a touchy one.

Bill raves on about some co2 reduction plan.

the link is to an excerpt from VigilantCitizen

So the rave is about dealing with Co2 in the next 50 years.

I don’t even think co2 is the real issue, I think its more like every other resource is becoming converted to pollution at lightening speed.


How as a switched on globally aware planet can we stand by and choke on our own excrement. Like yeasts consuming sugars  to form alcohol. Eventually the alcohol kills the yeast…

The answer is not build more cars or get better at finding oil.


It’s not a good idea to keep the illusion of infinite sustainability for the exploding population on this planet.


A. Slow down the propagation rate

B. Take some of them out (to lunch)


So now what?


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