Bill Gate loves vaccines… I mean “Eugenics”… wasn’t that a Pink Floyd Lyric?

Eugenics is a a touchy subject to say the least. The idea of selecting a portion of a population to survive and then another portion to croak should be a touchy one. Bill raves on about some co2 reduction plan. the link is to an excerpt from VigilantCitizen So the rave is about dealing with … Continue reading

This is it…

Haro and welcome to the first one. This blog is dedicated to the study of memetics and perhaps implementation of meme’s. I shan’t bore you with the details. The ever unfolding experience shall be documented here. What’s with the honey then…? I think memes are like honey. They are feel nice to taste and stick … Continue reading

Hello world!

Hello world… are you sentient? Is addressing the world as one sentient collective being considered sane? Lyrics from a song of mine called Painted Faces “The world soul is yearning to live and breath…┬áThe sun on the horizon is the melting of the freeze…”